ᴛ ʜ e ᴏ ᴡ ɴ e ʀ
Me. A human. Normal human. Make mistakes. Doesn't perfect. But yet i still try to be as good as what Ibu, Abah & Life were taught. InsyaAllah :)

Thats Me ;)

Hai. I'm Syira. Thanks for being here. Actually, this blog has been writed by me as about 2years. Im not sure at all. Forgot.Okay, as you know, this section has been divoted for my trivia. Actually, there's nothing interesting to tell about me. Since i was not someone who are well known.

What i would like to share is about who am i. Er i mean, a lil bit about my manner and experience. Theres no an extensive experience, but at least u'll know how me, myself actin in real.

Too bad to admit that, i was someone who always feels insecure and easy to get jealous esp with someone closed. I have a friend. A forever life bestfriend. *I wonder as if she will be proud when read this ._. Lol* For me, she was kinda cool person. She be what she want. She was easy to achieve almost all her dream. Even sometimes, she said like she never thinking to have all that thing, i knew, she need more . Hew. She also can be considered as a popular one in school even in everywhere.Well, since most of majority know her if wanna compared with me T.T no! no! i dont even cared at all. Just proud to be her friends ;3 Hahah

Well, whats so funny was, i tried to be like her '..' Everyone know me. Be in the "crowd". But i know thats impossible. Im not as good as her, Im not as pretty as her. Its not about i try to compare my self and be ungrateful, its about fact. I know who am i and where track i have to stand. Don't you think all this were only to show that i pretend to be humble here. But its my realisation. A deep realisation. Or maybe can be considered as my open confession. Or whatever your assumption on me, its up to you. I don't care.

But moment after moment, i realize that being someone else was not worhty. I've got nothin. People surrounding even didn't notice my existance at all. And start from there, i know where i am. I need to be myself. Instead of worrying about being ignored, be not popular blablabla, i start focus to my self, step to someone's life, make friends with my own way without cared about their popularity.

Start from that moment, i told myself to be unique because what we want, we, ourselves were already have.
And thats me, Syira ;)